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Whether you are looking for a new church home or just checking us out, we’re honored that you’d be on our site!

Discipleship International is all about lives transformed by the power of Jesus. This site is here to give you a taste of who we are and make the most of your visit with us.

People from all backgrounds, ethnicities and nations are finding new life! We invite you to join us as we follow Jesus! We are not about religion. We are about having a real, life-transforming relationship with the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ!

So whether you are a Christian, an Atheist, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist or something else, we welcome you to join us and learn more about Jesus and we hope that you will meet him and be transformed by him! 

Now God changed everything in my life!
-former atheist from Korea

One example of God’s transformation is a Korean PhD candidate at Georgia Tech who started coming to our Bible studies because he wanted to learn American culture and improve his English skills. Though he was an atheist, he began to grow interested in knowing more about this Jesus who claimed to be God. His unborn child was diagnosed with an illness so he and his wife decided to pray. God healed their baby! He also had a severe liver problem and Jesus again healed him so he gave his life to follow Jesus! He found forgiveness and transformation as God turned him from sin and anger and filled him with God’s love and peace. He said “Now, God changed everything in my life!” His whole family now has new life in Jesus! 


To bring people from all backgroungs closer to Jesus and experience a taste of heaven here on earth.

Who We Are

We are a diverse, multi-ethnic Christian church experiencing life-transformation by the power of Jesus and finding and fulfilling our life purpose.


We meet on Sundays at 10:30AM. There are also small groups, youth groups and prayer meetings during the week.

Join Us

We are very excited about what God has been doing and for what he is going to do next. But we cannot do this alone! Contact us to see how to join the team!

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