On Sunday mornings, we are offering both opportunities to meet in person as well as online. The in person experience will utilize the safety precautions listed below. We understand that not everyone is ready to meet in person for various reasons and so we also provide an Online meeting as well.

In-Person Safety Protocols

Phase I Guidelines

In order to love our neighbor, we will be working hard to ensure high levels of safety and reduced risk of spreading of COVID-19. To do that, in our Phase I, we will be following guidelines per CDC and State of Georgia:

1) Social Distancing

  • Seats in the sanctuary will be arranged into pods that are spaced at least 6 feet from each other. Each household can utilize one of the pods.
  • Since social distancing would be impossible with young children, we will not have a children’s ministry/Sunday School in Phase I

2) Sanitation / Reduced Touch

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in the lobby as people enter and in the main sanctuary at sanitation stations
  • The building will have additional sanitation done before each Sunday service
  • No food will be served before the services
  • We have special self-contained, sealed communion serving cups that have a wafer and juice

3) Face masks

  • All people will wear a face mask, both attendees and those serving. In order to enable better understanding, when someone is speaking or leading in singing from the front, they will take their mask off for that time only.
  • Face masks will be provided for those who arrive without them.